Just perform and

Let your
fans tip
you online

DOPE! App helps you

Late 2020
Earn much more
Late 2020
Promote your art
Late 2020
Perform worldwide

Earn MUCH more

No cash! No downloads!

The majority of your spectators just don’t have money in their wallets or time to download new applications. The Dope! app allows them to make super-fast online payments.

Subway is ok!

Even if you perform in a place without the Internet, your spectators can still tip you using Dope!

Introverts are great!

50% of people passing by a performer are introverts, who are just too shy to tip directly. Dope! app gives them a new opportunity to donate without drawing unwanted attention


If a person wanted to give you some money, but got distracted, the app will send THEM a reminder later.



Perform worldwide

Dope! app organises all of your social networks in one place and allows to communicate with your audience
Dope! app provides the most crucial info in other countries: best spots for performing, most popular performing styles, legal rules, etc

Sign to every performer

Every performer who uses Dope! gets an individual Dope! sign, together with the counter. You just have to go outside and do what you know best.



Streaming will allow you to communicate with your audience and get tips from those who watch you online
Early 2021


You’ll be able to work in many countries, without leaving your city by using AR tags on the city streets
MIddle 2021


You will be able to travel anywhere in the world and not be afraid that your instruments will be stolen or broken
Early 2022

We have a lot of plans, Dope! users will be the first to get the news. Sign up!

One more thing
DOPE! COSTs NOTHING FOR YOU. YOU GET app&SIGN and you just use it, that’s all
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Is it true that spectators can send me money without downloading the app?

Yes, it is. The spectator scans the QR code, ends up on your page on dopeu.app, donates and joins your profile in one go.

How do I withdraw the money?

In every country where Dope! operates we find and immediately use the most profitable payment systems. For example, for payments in France, we rely on Stripe. So, it’s all as usual, you just see the money on your account and withdraw it with your usual method.

How do I get the Dope! package?

Just fill in this form, agree on delivery terms et receive the sign. That’s it.

What if bad guys steal my Dope! sign?

If someone steals your sign, let us know about it immediately by email or by writing on Messenger. We will figure out how to send you a new sign as fast as possible. The sign with the QR code is absolutely useless in itself for wrongdoers. They cannot use it to steal your money or do you any further harm.

What if I am not from the EU and still wish to use Dope!?

Write us, your country might be the next step on our way. We’ll try to help you anyway.


Yvan Galiatin

Strategist, tech lead
Fire show performer

Adrien Casanova


Aurélie Largent


Katrine Gridina

Research director
Performer, dancer

Alex Vigorough

Creative director
Each member of the team is a performer either in the past or in the present. When developing the dope, we relied most of all on our experience. We sincerely love street performance and believe that there should be more, because it is real freedom and real expression.
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